Headquartered in Bellevue, Ohio, our balers are used by customers around the globe. We’re proud of our reputation — one that has been forged from a history of innovative solutions, and we value our ability to manufacture a world-class product and provide the kind of service and support needed to achieve long-term customer satisfaction.

American Baler Company continues to move forward by examining current needs and applying proper baling methods to solve those needs. Today, we manufacture one of the most comprehensive product lines to match the various needs of our many customers.

American Baler Company maintains a progressive engineering department utilizing the latest development in computer automated design (CAD). A staff of skilled field service technicians is available to assist you with knowledgeable and practical solutions to keep your baler operating productively for years.

American Baler Company has the support of a complete system design department at our headquarters. Many of our experienced dealer groups also have complete system design capability in their area of operation.