Building World Class Balers Since 1945!

  • Metal Baler for Non-Ferrous

    Baling non-ferrous metals requires a heavy duty metal baler with maximum compressing force and a fully lined charge box and bale chamber.  American Baler manufactures narrow box and wide box two-ram … Read More

    Metal Baler for Non-Ferrous
  • MRF’s

    Diversity!  That is the basis for MRF’s, multiple recyclable facilities.  Our customers need this to be competitive in the marketplace and this is the basis for American Baler and its diverse product … Read More

  • Box Plant Balers

    The generation of corrugated scrap and how to handle it has been an issue since the first corrugated box was made.  American Baler is a leader in its design and engineering for this industry.  From … Read More

    Box Plant Balers
  • Recycling Baler for Recycler / Broker

    American Baler has focused on providing recycling baler / paper balers to Recycler / Brokers throughout it's history.  The expertise and knowledge our employees and dealers have gives us the insight … Read More

    Recycling Baler for Recycler / Broker
  • Waste Baler for Printers / Converters

    Printers / Convertors have baler options for whatever material they are handling whether it’s trim, shredded, signatures or slab waste, American Baler manufactures a waste baler to fit your needs.  … Read More

    Waste Baler for Printers / Converters
  • Document Destruction

    In the Document Destruction industry bale integrity is very important.  Bales must be tight and secure to reduce or eliminate any possible identity theft.  American Baler realizes this and with its … Read More

    Document Destruction
  • Municipal

    Municipal recycling has become a very large part of everyone’s life so it is natural for cities, counties and rural areas to provide services for its citizens. American Baler works with these small … Read More

  • Plastic Baler

    American Baler has several plastic baler models that bale plastic effectively, including the Model N620LP Narrow Box Two Ram Baler with Pre-Press Lid. The Pre-Press Lid maximizes material infeed … Read More

    Plastic Baler
  • Distribution Centers

    Distribution Centers is an industry where the majority of product being baled is air and it is important that the baler have a large feed opening and fast hydraulics.  American Baler offers both with … Read More

    Distribution Centers

Headquartered in Bellevue, Ohio, our balers are used by customers around the globe. We're proud of our reputation -- one that has been forged from a history of innovative solutions, and we value our ability to manufacture a world-class product and provide the kind of service and support needed to achieve long-term customer satisfaction.

We continue moving forward by examining current needs and applying proper baling methods to solve those needs. Today, we manufacture one of the most comprehensive product lines to match the various needs of our many customers.