DC Balers

DC BalersSpecifically designed for Distribution Centers. The DC Balers were designed specifically for facilities who handle whole upright boxes.  We also have the 42WS Series that can handle flattened corrugated boxes.  The DC Balers can be used with shredders in high volume applications.

DC Baler Specs

Production Volume: Up to 31,350 cubic feet / hour
Feed Opening: Min. 50″ x 43″ up to Max. 75″ x 46.5″
Cycle Time: Min. 28 secs. – Max. 8 secs.
PSI: Up to 235,620# of force
Expanded Bale Size: 43″ x 43″ x var. up to 43″ x 48″ x var.
Production Capacity: Min. 2 TPH up to 20TPH


Click here to download brochure:  DC Series


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