Waste Baler for Printers / Converters

Waste Baler

For years Printers / Converters have been baling shreds, edge trim,  signatures, slab waste, tissue logs and cookies, and other grades and American Baler has manufactured waste balers for each application.  The PAC series balers are used for light trim and shredded OCC and paper. Our 29N and 42W Series balers handle these Printers / Converters grades with additional ram force and larger feed openings. For low volume Printers / Converters the manual tie PW3560 and W409D auto-tie two ram baler are ideal while high volume Printers / Converters may want to look at the 43HS Series.

Our waste baler models for the Printer / Converters market are:

PAC Series       29N Series     42WS Series      43HS Series      PW3560


American Baler also builds 2 ram waste baler models with the following features that are suitable for most MSW baling applications.

If you are baling MSW American Baler will have a two ram waste baler model that will meet your needs. Plus we offer the best baler warranty in the business!

Two Ram Waste Baler Features

  • available with either a 43” wide frame or 60” wide frame
  • several charge box opening lengths
  • single side sheet construction
  • Meets all Current ANSI Z245.51 Safety Standards
  • Allen Bradley IEC components
  • EPAct TEFC Motors 460/3/60 – X Line Starting
  • Sequenced motor start-up with Economizer to shut down motors when not in use
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC
  • Panelview Touchscreen operator interface
  • Across-the-line conveyor motor starter (up to 10HP) and controls to optimize production
  • UL Approved NEMA 12 Electrical Enclosures
  • Optional Operator controls can be platform mounted
  • Triple Infrared Cycle Control (Dual/W409)
  • Laser positioning
  • Pressure Transducer
  • Remote VPN Internet access
  • Left hand or right hand eject available
  • Manifold hydraulics with Regen
  • Hi-Lo vane pumps
  • Versa-Door w/transducer
  • Shimmable Serrated AR Shear Blade
  • Shear Beam Mounted at 9° Rake
  • Trunnion mounted main and eject cylinders
  • Full Main Ram Penetration
  • Hopper Access Door w/Safety Switch
  • Adjustable ram hold down bars
  • High/Low Floor
  • Replaceable Hardox 500 Floor and Ram Liner Strips alternating ½” to 1”
  • Replaceable ¼” Hardox 500 charge box side liners and press box side and top liners
  • Replaceable Hardox 500 Platen Strips
  • Bale table to support ejecting bale
  • Air-to-oil cooler
  • Tank Heater
  • Hot & Low Oil Shutdown
  • Accent 470 Wire Tier
  • Dust Cover for Wire
  • 1 – Stem of Galvanized Wire (11 or 12 Ga.)
  • Surface is painted with an industrial primer and 2 coats of industrial enamel.
  • Anchor clips
  • Optional 12.4 or 18.8 ton hydraulic stamper at shear
  • Four power unit sizes depending on the ram cycle time and hourly production required

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