Recycling Baler for Recycler / Broker

Recycling Baler

Throughout its history American Baler has focused on providing recycling baler / paper balers to Recycler / Brokers.  The expertise and knowledge of our employees and dealers have given us the insight to guide Recycler / Brokers to the appropriate baler / equipment for their needs.  American Baler offers both extrusion and Two Ram auto-tie balers with different feed opening sizes, cylinder options and power units.  All capable of baling a variety of fiber and non-fiber products.

Our recycling baler models that apply to the Recycler / Brokers  market are:

42W Series    43HS Series    29N Series    PAC Series    DC Series    Narrow Box & Wide Box Two Ram Balers

American Baler builds two ram recycling baler models with the following features that are suitable for most OCC, paper, plastic and non-ferrous metal baling applications.

If you are a paper, plastic and/or non-ferrous metal recycler American Baler will have a two ram recycling baler model that will meet your needs. Plus we offer the best baler warranty in the business!

Our Recycling Baler Features

  • available with either a 43” wide frame or 60” wide frame
  • several charge box opening lengths
  • single side sheet construction
  • Meets all Current ANSI Z245.51 Safety Standards
  • Allen Bradley IEC components
  • EPAct TEFC Motors 460/3/60 – X Line Starting
  • Sequenced motor start-up with Economizer to shut down motors when not in use
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC
  • Panelview Touchscreen operator interface
  • Across-the-line conveyor motor starter (up to 10HP) and controls to optimize production
  • UL Approved NEMA 12 Electrical Enclosures
  • Operator controls mounted in MCC
  • Dual Infrared Cycle Control (Diffused)
  • Laser positioning
  • Pressure Transducer
  • Remote VPN Internet access
  • Left hand or right hand eject available
  • Manifold hydraulics with Regen
  • Hi-Lo vane pumps
  • Versa-Door w/transducer
  • Dual Infrared Cycle Control (Diffused)
  • Shimmable Serrated AR Shear Blade
  • Shear Beam Mounted at 9° Rake
  • Trunnion mounted main and eject cylinders
  • Full Main Ram Penetration
  • Hopper Access Door w/Safety Switch
  • Adjustable ram hold down bars
  • High/Low Floor
  • Replaceable Hardox 500 Floor and Ram Liner Strips alternating ½” to 1”
  • Replaceable ¼” Hardox 500 charge box side liners and press box side and top liners
  • Replaceable Hardox 500 Platen Strips
  • Bale table to support ejecting bale
  • Air-to-oil cooler
  • Tank Heater
  • Hot & Low Oil Shutdown
  • L & P Pinnacle II or Accent 470 Wire Tier
  • Dust Cover for Wire
  • 1 – Stem of Galvanized Wire (11 or 12 Ga.)
  • Surface is painted with an industrial primer and 2 coats of industrial enamel.
  • Anchor clips
  • Optional 12.4 or 18.8 ton hydraulic stamper at shear
  • Four power unit sizes depending on the ram cycle time and hourly production required

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